Interior Painting

What do you look for in a painter?

Some answers I expect to hear are professional, respectful, and skillful. Those are great qualities to have in a professional painter, but how about meticulous? How about having a painter that is so careful to detail that every brush stroke is an absolute stroke of genius, the lines in the trims, the even coat on the walls, and every time somebody walks into your house they say, your house looks perfect.
This is possible right now with Fresh Coat Painters. We don’t just go into your house and “paint”. We go to your house and make art on the walls, trims, mouldings, doors, stairways, and halls. We’ve been doing this for over 15 years and this isn’t just a job for us, it is a passion. You’ll never find a drop of paint on the floor, you’ll never find a piece of wall that needs to be touched up, and you’ll never find any uneven coat of paint.

Furthermore, if for any reason the paint does chip our interior work holds a best in the business 5 year warranty. That’s right, we guarantee our work for 5 years.

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Exterior Painting

It’s warm outside, the birds are chirping and it’s time for your house to shine! Here at Fresh Coat Painters we can help you achieve that rather quickly. It doesn’t matter if the house is 100 years old or you just moved in 2 days ago. We will make it look brand new with our team of professionals.

Call us today and we’ll be over within the next 24-48 hours at your house ready to go for a free estimate.

Some of the benefits you get with us for exterior painting are a 2 year warranty. That means if your house starts chipping for any reason we will go over and fix it at no cost to you. Also, we provide phone support. It does not matter what time of the day it really is. We understand that most of our clients don’t get home until the evening. Want to call us at dinner time? No problem! Want to call us at 8AM before you drop the kids off at school? No problem! Want to call us at 10PM at night to discuss colors you picked for your house? No problem!




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