Mold Prevention

Mold Preventions begins with cleaning and preparing the problem surface as well as using a special paint which does not allow mold to survice. Although somewhat more costly than traditional paints,can you afford not to use these paints?

MOLD can cause many health problems and many times people do not know that mold could be growing in their homes right now.

Here are some illnesses which come from mold: respiratory problems,nasal & sinus congestion, burning, watery, reddened eyes; blurry vision; light sensitivity, dry, hacking cough, sore throat, nose and throat irritation, shortness of breath; lung disease, chronic fatigue, skin irritation, central nervous system problems, aches and pains, fever, headaches, diarrhea, immune suppression. There is heightened risk and sensitivity for people who have chronic respiratory disease or immune suppression disorders.

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Pergola Painting

You spent hours planning, lots of money buidling and now your pergola is being neglected.

Being outside all year round, your pergola experiences all extremidies of the weather. From water damage, sun damage, insects and cracking, you pergola is constantly under attack and if its not protected, your investment will literally deteriorate.

Fresh Coat Painters enables you to protect and conserve this investment using only the top quality materials which protects against UV rays, Rain, as well as maintains a relatively balanced moisture content.

Our services include cleaning, scrubbing, refinishing or painting.

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